My Baby is a Toddler

I think I first began to suspect it when he threw his first temper-tantrum. We were about to leave SuperTarget, and he was hungry and tired. As Kyle bolted for the check-out line, I scooped up the little man and began to follow. J would have nothing to do with it. He wiggled, hit, and kicked to get down. And then, let loose an ear-piercing scream. I waved Kyle on to the check-out, and speed-walked to the door, face red.

I'm sure this scenario will repeat itself many times, now that my baby is a toddler. But I will always remember the intensity of that first tantrum.

The second clue was that he can not stand having his diaper changed anymore. The second I lay him on the changing table, he rolls to his belly and sits (or stands) up. I am not sure how to solve this problem, other than to do my best to distract him, and be quick! Oh, the frustration of taking off a smelly diaper and having J sit up, getting it everywhere.

The hardest part of parenting has always been having enough energy. But toddlerhood takes things to a whole new level!

Now that I'm done complaining, this is what I love about my 14-month-old:

1. He knows who I am. He calls me mama, and Kyle dada.

2. He copies words and actions. He calls most spots "moles"... what a funny word for a toddler to know! He also says some variation of... nana (this means grandma and banana), papa, bug, bird, dog, num-num (food), ba-ba, bath, no, uh-oh, more, and star. :) Can't wait for those words to become sentences - it will be nice to actually know what he wants and needs, and what he's thinking!

3. He loves bugs. Loves watching them on the window outside, touching them, squishing them... ick!

4. He snuggles and kisses. I always wanted a cuddly baby, and he finally will cuddle... for a second.

5. He plays soccer. Seriously. He can kick a ball, at the age of 14 months.

6. He loves playing tag. We run around the kitchen table, chasing each other.

7. He loves to laugh. He will laugh at the randomest things, and sometimes for no reason at all. He has the funniest laugh ever.

8. He dances to music. Never for long enough to catch is on video, but it's the cutest darn thing ever!

9. He loves playing outside. When he wants to go outside, he'll bring me my shoes, like "mama, it's time to go!" :)

10. His personality is really starting to show. I love seeing him become his own person.

Now that my baby is a toddler, I'm starting to get that longing for another baby... but leaving that one in God's hands (and hopefully until J is a bit more independent!).