Linky Love

Just wanted to share some wisdom from one of my very favorite blogs, Passionate Homemaking: http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/2010/04/what-is-the-purpose-of-the-home.html.

I found Lindsey's blog through my sweet friend Carrie's blog, and her words have been such an inspiration and encouragement to me in my pursuit to be a godly wife and mother. I must admit, at times, her amazingness puts me to shame... and then I must remember, God calls me to live my own life, and no one else's. :)

And a quick update... we're spending lots of time enjoying Spring, playing in the yard and discovering what's planted there, going to the zoo, Spring cleaning, etc. It seems that Spring gives us an all-around new appreciation for life, and renewal to pursue our goals, build our friendships, and love on our family. :) At the same time, sometimes it all gets a bit overwhelming, and we remember to take time out to rest in the Lord.


My Jesus

My Jesus walked, talked,
Ate, cried, breathed, slept.
He felt hot, cold, hungry,
Thirsty, happy, angry, sad.
He was betrayed by his friends.

My Jesus suffered.
He was beaten, mocked,
Pierced with thorns, bloodied.
Whipped, over and over again.
He carried two beams to the hill.

My Jesus was nailed
To a tree He created.
The sensitive hands and feet
He created, screaming in agony.
He forgave a criminal.

My Jesus died,
Bloodied, naked before the world
He came to save.
Mocked, beaten, and crucified
By those He came to save.

My Jesus was sliced open,
The water and blood testifying
That He was more than a man.
The Spirit testifying, darkening the world,
Ripping the temple curtain in two.

My Jesus was buried.
For three days in the tomb.
And then - and then!
The stone rolled away.
He lives!

My Jesus is Love.
My Jesus is Power.
He's Life in abundance.
He's a River that never goes dry.
He's Bread that never runs out.

No matter your stains,
Your depravity, your brokenness -
His death can cover your sins.
His life can make you whole.
Will you call him your Lord?