Belonging to a Body

... Or to be more specific, The Body. Of Jesus.

I learned at church last weekend that my generation (Millenials) are the least "churched" generation in U.S. history. And I wondered... why?

  •  Is it because we value authenticity so much that church is no longer considered a "social club" that every respectable person should belong to, no matter if they believe it or not?
  • Is it because we have become disillusioned with the concept of organized religion?
  • Is it because there are truly fewer Christians in my generation than ever before?

I'm not sure. If it's #1, then I'm perfectly OK with the decline of Millenials going to church. I would rather belong to a Body where all of the members are headed in the same direction, than belong to a Body where some of the members are only pretending to be members. Isn't a body in which all of the parts function together so much more effective than a body in which the eye is only pretending to be an eye?

If it's #2... I understand. But I don't agree. I have had a tiny taste of disillusionment with my local church. It was bitter and sad, but it did not diminish my opinion of The Church. However I might disagree with a decision my local church makes, my love The Church does not change. And in the long run, my love for my local church does not change either, because I am committed to Eagan Hills Church. I love her members, her leadership, her servant's heart, her committment to the truth... and only a major geographical move or a major dissent with her foundational beliefs will shake that commitment.

And if it's #3, I still do not doubt that God has a plan for my generation. And I am passionate about sharing His Truth with them. And everyone.

Next up, I plan to share more about why I believe belonging to a local church is vital to a Christian's walk with God. And more about why I love my church, and how being a mother of a toddler has affected my connection to her.

P.S. Yes, I decided to call my church a "her". You can think I'm a dork. But the Church is called the Bride of Christ... so I figured I can call my church a "her". :)