Being His Hands and Feet

One of my greatest goals for 2010 is to be the hands and feet of Jesus by organizing our finances, being frugal, and giving to the poor. My sweet sister Laura showed me this blog that has convicted me, broken me, and reminded me that being a Jesus-follower is about so much more than just reading the Bible and singing songs and going to church.


This woman is two years younger than me, and is the foster mother to 14 children in Uganda. She runs a sponsorship program that provides for the needs of over 400 poor children. She has an incredibly challenging life, and has witnessed horrible tragedies, and yet she writes as one who is completely alive. She is full of joy in the Lord, because she has listened to His call, trusted in Him, and seen Him work miracles.

Here is an excerpt from her blog about her daughter who has Cerebral Palsy, and was supposed to never walk or talk:

"In two weeks I have been able to watch God give back to Grace everything that was taken from her the first three years of her life. I have watched Him not only begin to restore her physically, but restore her spirit, her little heart that He so deeply loves and desires intimacy with. He has reminded me how deeply He longs for each one of His children to know His intimate love. He has reminded me how He longs to restore our brokeness. He has reminded my girls what His LOVE can do through their little hands. Most incredible is that I know He is not done yet, but only getting started. Lord, we give you our brokeness, that you may fully restore us. Remind us of the intimacy that you long for with each of us, your deep, passionate love for your children. Father, you have given so freely, you have loved so extravagantly. Let us give. Let us LOVE."

A song that came on while reading her blog...

"It is not too far a cry
Too much to try to help the least of these
Politics will not decide if we should rise
And be your hands and feet

Fill our hearts with your compassion
As we hold to our confession
God, be the solution
We will be your hands and be your feet"

~"Solution", Hillsong United

Children Katie feeds from one of the poorest tribes in Uganda

I am overwhelmed at the thought that the money I waste on so many things could save a child's life. "My" money is a gift from God in the first place, and should be used for His glory! Less than $5 could provide life-saving medical care. Less than $1 per day could provide food, education, and basic medical care to a child. Lord, let us wake up from our complacency and be Your hands and feet!

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