On re-learning how to dream

I used to dream of teaching my children all of the wonders of God and His world.

I used to dream of being a loving wife, never nagging or cranky (ha!).
I used to dream of being a great friend, a listening ear in hard times.

I used to dream of a job I'd be passionate about waking up to.

And then life got in the way. I got tired and anxious and depressed. I resisted help and advice, tried to be strong on my own, was stuck in survival mode for too long. I focused more on what I couldn't do than on what I COULD.

As I've journeyed with dozens of other working moms through the (in)couraging working new moms group, I'm learning that I can still dream. For too many years, I believed the lie that working meant that I couldn't be the mom and wife I dreamed of being. And now, I'm seeing that there are amazing working moms out there who love their jobs AND their kids (::cough::Girl With Blog::cough::).

God is showing me that my dreams are still valid and good, even if they might not look the way I expected, or happen in the timing I would like.

Maybe our family won't homeschool, but we will teach our kids about God in so many ways. We'll be involved in their schooling, and will make sure they're learning everything they need to be happy, productive, and hopefully God-following adults.

And even though marriage is way harder than I ever expected, even though I need so much grace from my husband each day (and need to show him grace too), we can still have an awesome marriage. We can connect and re-connect and each day is a new chance to grow our love and forgive.

Even when friendships ebb and flow, even when I'm overwhelmed and wish I could do so much more... I can still send an encouraging text or card. I can still pray and show up when I'm able.

And when work is challenging, or stressful, or tedious, I'll remember how grateful I am for flexibility and kind co-workers. I'll take the next step toward using my skills and passions. I'll dream of the future.

What are your dreams, my friend? What's one way you can move toward your them this week?


  1. My Dreams:

    To see God one day.

    Depend on God in every area of my life.

    Bring the children that I teach to know Him.

    Build relationships here in the jungle.

    Be so enamored with God and His Son Jesus Christ that it is exuded from every part of my being.

    Be a good brother, son, friend, and someday husband.

    One way I can move towards them this week:


    Another way:

    Remember what Jesus has done for us, and that it is not what we can do, but rather what He can do through us in the power of the Holy Spirit... I am not in it alone.

    1. I love your dreams, my dear brother!! It's been such a blessing to dream with you throughout our lives, and to watch how God is working through you. Yes, I've been learning the importance of prayer and walking in step with the Spirit too... it's tempting to want to rush ahead into the things we're passionate about, but sometimes God just wants us to stay and learn. Like when the disciples had just a few fish and loaves of bread, and they wanted to send the people away -- Jesus said no, stay and feed them. I'm proud of you for staying where you are, for building relationships and working so hard even when it's challenging. Love you!


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