On fitting the puzzle together

She gave me a piece of a Power-Puff Girls puzzle, inscribed with "You, Amanda, are a priceless piece of my master plan. You see but a glimpse. I see the big picture. Trust me. -eph. 2:10-"

Anna was my Bible camp counselor the summer before my senior year of high school, nine years ago. My two best friends and I were assigned to her cabin, along with a girl we didn't know very well, who had some special needs. (I'll call her M.) At the beginning of the week, we privately groaned that we had to share the cabin with someone so weird (awful, I know).

By the end of the week, we had witnessed Anna love on M in so many ways, helping her with her most basic needs. We started to treat M like the beautiful person she was. One night, Anna washed our feet, and I saw Jesus' sacrificial love shining through her sweet heart. And when M threw up on the bus ride home, I guided her to the restroom and cleaned her up.

After knowing Anna, I loved more like Jesus. I loved even when there was nothing in it for me.

This week, she wrote at (in)courage.me about all that God has done in us since then. About how we reconnected at last year's inRL event, which she co-hosted. (To think I almost chickened out because I would hardly know anybody!) Afterwards, we became dear friends -- took our boys to the park together, celebrated New Years' morning together.

When God put it on both of our hearts to encourage working moms, we dove head-first into serving together. We hosted this year's inRL event, our story coming full circle. And now, she's the (in)courage community groups communication coordinator! All because God chose to fit a few pieces of the puzzle together, all because we chose to say "yes".

Since I dedicated my life to follow Christ in middle school, I've struggled with the concept of doing "His Will". It seemed like this grand puzzle that I had to put together, without even being able to see some of the pieces.

But this story of Anna and I is helping me to see that doing His Will is just a matter of obedience. It's offering up my one little piece of the puzzle, reflecting the pieces of Him that He made me to be.

It's saying "yes" when my heart feels His Spirit's gentle nudge, saying "okay," even when I don't know if I can do it.

It's trusting that He knows what I need, and what the world needs.

It's trusting that He is good, even when He is disciplining me, stretching me, growing me.

It's trusting that He knows the big picture, that He holds it all together, so I don't have to figure it all out or do it all.

I just need to do take the next step He puts before me, and fit myself in with the pieces of the Body that surround me. And He will make us into the most beautiful masterpiece ever created, these broken, burned, messy pieces, all redeemed and made new.


  1. This is so lovely! I really love hearing both sides of the story. Seeing how He is working is such a blessing!

    So glad I got to meet both of you this year at InRL!

    1. Thanks, Vicki! :) I'm grateful you are a piece of this crazy beautiful puzzle, too!


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