I don't know that I ever felt prepared to become an adult. It just happened, somewhere between walking across the stage to get my college diploma, working 40-hour weeks, walking down the aisle to get married, and staying up all night with a crying baby.

And so God has been teaching me as I go. I suppose He always does it that way - He imparts wisdom to us as we need it. What I'm learning right now is the importance of intentionality. When you're young, your parents, teachers, pastors, and friends tell you what to do. They tell you how to be organized, prepared, on time, healthy, and godly. I was always one to be obedient - I listened to what I was told, and I made it to adulthood ok because of it.

But now that God has given me a job, a family, a church community, and all these great things - I am learning that I can't just live on faith that things will turn out. I know that faith is incredibly important, and I trust in the Lord to provide all I need. But I can't neglect to do my part! I am learning that I need to listen for God's call to know what He wants me to do, who He wants me to be. And then I need to be intentional to plan, organize, learn, etc. in order to follow His call.

Planning and organizing do not come easy to me. I am a dreamer. But I'm learning that the dreams that God gives me won't be realized if I just sit back and hope for them to come true! I have started by listing my goals for Summer 2009. I plan to write down specific activities each week that are related to those goals. My relationship with God needs to become a priority again. I have put him on the "back burner" for too long while life speeds ahead. Not having the time is no excuse. I make time for my husband, my baby, my friends, my extended family, my job... my Facebook, my blog, my TV... my, my, my... And yet I always seem to have an excuse to not sit down with my Savior. Why?

I can't find one good reason - other than that there is a war going on that I can not see. I have an enemy who loves to deceive, distract, distort, destroy... and I rarely recognize his influence on my life.

Lord, help me to be intentional to know You - above all my other goals, I want You. Help me to use the defense You've given to me - Your Word, Your Spirit, Your Church - to fight our enemy. When You are on my side, who can be against me? You are the Stronghold of my life - of whom shall I be afraid? Let Your church become aware of the war that is going on. Let the church cry out for more of You. We realize more and more every day that this world is falling apart. You are the only solution, Lord. But we can not just sit by and wait for You to return. Help us to be intentional. Help me to be intentional.

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  1. I agree that we have an everpresent enemy whom we rarely call out, but I've also found that he works through a lot of the things that distract us, specifically media and consumerism. There's a nature and a motivation behind those specific industries that just isn't right.


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