Father's Day...

I wish I had some beautiful photos and happy thoughts today... but here's all I have...

(Photo of my favorite men was taken on a happier day a few weeks ago)

- 103 degree toddler at 7 am
- Rush to Urgent Care, don't know what's wrong
- Poking, prodding, crying, snuggling
- Whining, whining, whining...
- Quick trip to the park, J enjoyed the swing for the first time
- Baby-mommy nap on the couch (daddy got to nap on his own)
- Carside To-Go for dinner... too wiped out to cook (oh, and it was Kyle's choice!) :)
- Whining, whining, whining some more
- Beautiful moment of the day... feverish toddler running down the driveway to tackle daddy with a big hug :)

Hopefully J will be better tomorrow... or daddy's in for another crazy day!

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