I tend to only blog when life is easy. When I can make you smile at my toddler's antics and encourage you with what God's been teaching me. But it's been a rough week, and I feel like blogging anyway.

This week has made me thankful that I'm not a single mom! My dear husband has been afflicted with a pain in his eye, and then a torn muscle in his neck. I've been doing my best to care for him, while also praying that he gets better soon for both our sakes!

Josiah seems to be crankier than usual, although maybe it's just my patience wearing thin. This morning a diaper change took about 30 minutes as he decided it was funny to try to kick mommy every time I tried to velcro his diaper on. I had to give myself a mommy time-out and just leave him alone in his room for a few minutes. After I composed myself, he was incredibly sweet and gave me a big hug.... before going back to his antics again! Somehow, we got that diaper on. I also discovered half a box of tissues in the toilet a bit later... oh, the things that can drive me nuts!!

And so, I am thankful for unclogged toilets, naptime, Target runs, fresh-picked lettuce from my garden, and the keyboard that allows me to vent. Oh, and for you, being willing to read my complaints. :)

I am also thankful that even though the simple things in motherhood can be so incredibly tough, God seems to make up for it through other simple things like snuggles, laughter, hugs, and kisses.

My funny man playing with his food

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