I love my church

Because it's filled with sinners who have been redeemed.
Because it's welcoming and cheerful, but not afraid to cry.
Because not everyone there looks like me or thinks like me.
Because it's centered firmly on God's truth.
Because we serve each other so willingly.
Because my son is so well-loved there.
Because I can see us growing old there.
Because it feels like home -- like family.

Ephesians 2:19

Why do you love your church?

If you're having trouble finding a church you love -- don't give up. In order to be supported in your walk with God and to serve others, it is imperative that you do life with other believers. Some tips on finding a church:

1. Know what is important. Keep your priorities in line when searching for a church. People can be so picky about a church's music, and yet how important is a musical style really? Maybe the building isn't perfectly kept up, or at first glance people seem stuck-up... but is the Bible faithfully taught? Are there opportunities to fellowship and serve and worship?
2. Think outside denominational lines. Just because you grew up going to one type of church doesn't mean you should limit yourself to being a Lutheran or Baptist or Methodist for life.
3. Network. Ask pastors and Christian friends you trust about churches they would recommend checking out.
4. Meet with church staff. Check to see if the church has a visitor's social, or just ask to meet with the pastor. Hearing about the vision and plans for the church from its staff will tell you a lot.
5. Commit. When you find a church you like, stay there for awhile. Get involved, put yourself out there. So often, people church shop until they just give up. Be committed to taking the time to find a body of believers that you connect with. And if you're not connecting, ask yourself why. Is it on your part or theirs? Are you serving and giving of yourself?

Do you have other tips for those who are looking for a church family?

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