Seeing the Love Story

"Only the Word is the answer to rightly reading the world, because The Word has nail-scarred hands that cup our face close, wipe away the tears running down, has eyes to look deep into our brimming ache, and whisper, “I know. I know.”" ~ Ann Voskamp

Oh, how that quote makes my heart race! What an incredible Savior we have, who knows our sufferings and takes our burdens upon Himself! What love.

Oh, that my life would be wrapped around Him, covered in Him, hidden in Him! When I become wrapped around myself, my vision is narrow and foggy and I can't see truth anymore - just inadequacy. But when I move beyond my inadequacy and give myself to the One who makes me adequate - then, I can see. The whole world opens up with intense clarity and such beauty; even the pain becomes beauty.

It's been a foggy year for me. But my Love is winning me over, and I can't hide from His desires anymore. I need to know His will (His desire) so that I can know Him more. Do you see it? It's all about a love story, a great adventure.

Pray with me? Colossians 1:9-12.
Seeing His love at every turn...

346. A nearby drop site for Azure Standard
347. Beautiful pink sunrise - for me!
348. Fog over the field
349. The sight of grass
350. Promise of spring
351. Sweet chubby niece, once only 5 lbs!
352. My Rescuer
353. Light winning over darkness
354.Waching a movie with the hubs
355. Spontaneity
356.Lunch with mom and heart-shaped cakes from dad :)
357. Warm blueberry muffins
358. "Look, mommy!" Watching bubbles shine in the sun.
359. Doing dishes with my boy
360. Encouragement from my sister
361. Help with comforting J when he burned his hand
362. His hand healing remarkably fast
363. A beautiful new home for my sister
364. The hubs letting me sleep in
365. Strength from the Lord
366. Time with my brother
367. Day off with my boys
368. Homemade chocolate ice cream
369. Staying home in a snowstorm
370. Laughing with my hubby
371. Family storytime
372. Help with dishes and laundry
373. A new puppy for my parents
374. Homemade tortillas
375. Fluffy flakes falling softly
376. An inheritance in the kingdom of light! (Col.1:12)
377. Redemption & forgiveness - what incredible, amazing truths! (Col. 1:14)
378. Praying the Word of God from memory - what a gift

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