Be Still

"Life is not an emergency." ~ Ann Voskamp

Life is usually busy; but it doesn't need to be an emergency. As I grow in thankfulness, I also grow in peace and joy. I learn to see, to appreciate, to slow down my thoughts even if my hands or feet are still moving quickly. Maybe we can always "be still" in our hearts, so that we can always know that God is God. Isn't stress just a refusal to trust that God is in control?

I'll admit, sometimes mothering a two-year-old feels like one emergency after another. The disobedience, hitting, yelling, and messes come like a flood some days, until my soul aches from being wound so tightly. But with the Lord's help, I can be still in the storm. Because of His grace, the emergencies can turn into moments to grow. Because of His sacrifice, my aching soul can learn to be still, to keep on loving, to keep on praising.

Be still with me... with Him?

The rain keeps on falling and the gifts are a flood...
318. Back rub from the hubs
319. His help with getting J to sleep
320. An understanding boss when J was sick
321. Days at home to rest and heal
322. Fluffy snowflakes falling softly
323. New friends that feel like old ones
324. J singing "Deep and Wide"
325. J helping me recite Colossians 1:1
326. A zoo trip with my aunt and cousin
327. The amazing creativity of God (dragon seahorses, anyone?)
328. Kyle watching J during girls' night
329. Laughter and so much fun with sisters
330. Being pampered
331. Open, honest friends
332. Brownies & ice cream & berries
333. A good work week for the hubs
334. Strength from God's glorious might (Col. 1:11)
335. A share in the inheritance of the kingdom of light - incredible! (Col. 1:12)
336. Sunny, warmer, longer days
337. Good bread and butter
338. A date night at "our place"
339. Renewed love
340. Melting snow, sunshine & puddles
341. Truffles and a butter crock
342. Kisses and "Happy Vawentimes Day" from J
343. A sermon that touches my heart
344. Spontaneous dinner w/ the in-laws
345. Uninterrupted sleep

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