It's All Grace

I've almost finished the book whose premise started my list of 1000. There is so much to say, so many quotes I'd like to share. And honestly, you should just read the whole book. If I was 16 still, I would've stayed up late and finished it in a day. But I'm not, and I'm learning to savor the moment, the words, and it's taken a week. A week in which words wrap around me, cut through me, draw me nearer to the Giver. I'll post some of my favorite quotes soon. If you want to know more about One Thousand Gifts, watch this.

Becoming smaller, going lower, becoming the gift, and naming His graces (it's all grace)...

289. Warm hugs from J as he wakes
290. Extra hugs and kisses before leaving for work
291. Joy in giving
292. Receiving One Thousand Gifts from my dear mother-in-law
293. Conviction - a painful gift
294. Turning pages on the bus, letting tears fall as words smooth out the soul and pierce deeply
295. Letting go of the striving, the expectations - Freedom!
296. Warm, soft bagels
297. An old bridge over a frozen river
298. My loving husband filling my car with gas and warming it up for me
299. Glimpsing the sunset on a cold, cloudy day
300. Getting lost in my work
301. Clothes to fold - oh, so many!
302. Phone date with my sister
303. Washing hands with cinnamon soap
304. Chasing & tickling & laughing
305. Being all here
306. Words & food & help & cuddled-up-under-blankets time with my sister
307. Butter melting on steaming muffins
308. My son's sweet way of talking
309. How he tilts his head when he asks a question
310. A message from someone I greatly admire
311. J's messymoring hair
312. Pools of water on ice
313. "Sing it again, mommy"
314. Date night
315. Light streaming through tropical trees at the zoo
316. Watching J play with his papa
317. J holding his baby cousin's hand, touching her cheek

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