I celebrate 24

24 years. The numbers don't seem to matter as much as I get older (maybe because they fly by so much faster)... and yet as I count these 1000 gifts, I'm learning that the numbers are important. The moments mean more when we recognize them, speak them, write them, tell the story. If we don't stop to celebrate the moments, the days, the years, they pass along unappreciated. Lord, I celebrate 24. Thank You for life, breath, grace, family, friends, growth, peace, change, wisdom, words, and most of all for the gift of You. More than anything else, I celebrate You.

236. Patience to care for J in the middle of the night.
237. Holding my tongue and speaking life.
238. The faithful and loving brothers and sisters in my life and around the world.
239. Inspiration from my friends' faith.
240. A sparkly snowglobe downtown walk to work.
241. Safe travels in the snow.
242. Hopes and dreams.
243. Sweet words from J.
244. Texts from my husband.
245. A sister to memorize Colossians with!
246. Having fun playing Kinect with the hubs.
247. God's strength in my weakness.
248. Eagan Hills youth group
249. Meeting new friends and hitting it off right away.
250. Homemade calzones (thanks, M!)
251. A seat on the bus.
252. Rest.
253. Chai tea lattes on frigid mornings.
254. A generous, thoughtful birthday gift from my hubby.
255. That God holds my tears in a bottle - He cares when I ache.
256. Sweet texts and phone calls to help me work through disappointment.
257. That I never grieve without hope.
258. Shopping with the ladies - good deals and great fellowship!
259. My sweet husband snowblowing after a long day of work.
260. A long birthday weekend.
261. My baby sleeping in a big boy bed!
262. Fun at the MN Children's Museum with my boys.
263. Faith, hope, and love (Col. 1:5)

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