Keeping On...

Praising Him amidst the cold, the sickness, the celebrations, and the monotony... Keep giving thanks, dear ones! He deserves all glory, honor, and praise!

264. Longer days and more sunlight
265. Watching J lay his head on my husband's lap and stare up at him... enjoying their many similarities
266. Good hospitality, food, and company for my b-day dinner at Porter Creek Grill
267. Free ice cream :)
268. J successfully switching to a big boy bed... the joy and ache of watching him gain independence
269. Singing J to sleep as I rub his back
270. Watching J's delight and exploration at the MN Children's Museum (and the gift of our membership!)
271. Emails from my sister
272. Victory and hope in the Gospel (Col. 1:5)
273. Time to rejuvenate and share stories at EaganMoms
274. Rejoicing with friends as they rejoice
275. Time with the sweet ladies in my family
276. Laughing til I cried - twice in one weekend!
277. Dear friends who trek to the country for a visit when it's freezing and snowy
278. Dance parties with my boys - the unrestrained, hilarious movements of a toddler!
279. Forgiveness when I'm cranky and ungrateful
280. The gift of words that heal, convict, transform, encourage...
281. Birthday dinner with the in-laws... making my baby niece laugh, and watching J clap and dance along with the birthday songs
282. An unexpected day off to watch J when the hubs was sick... a blessing in disguse
283. Homemade bread that turned out beautifully!
284. Anticipation and hope for things to come
285. The selfless love that only God can provide (Col. 1:8)
286. The amazing, life-giving gift of God's Word
287. Hearing J fill in words as I memorize Colossians (have you ever heard a 2-yo say "Christ Jesus"? - precious!)
288. Becoming more comfortable with the new class I'm facilitating at work

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