My baby brother is a missionary!

Oh, friends, it makes my heart so achingly full to type those words. The little boy I used to have tickle fights with is moving to Ecuador tomorrow for a year or two, or maybe more.

He'll be living in the jungle, teaching English to five year olds, sharing his wide smile and his Jesus-love. And I think back to sitting up too late having long theological discussions, and teaching him about how to treat a girl, and how he makes friends with everyone he meets. And I pray for protection, accountability, close fellowship, and most importantly for God to grow and use him.

It hurts my heart to know he'll be so very far away, that we will miss out on each other's lives for a time. And yet I know that he will be blessed as he puts God first. This little guy I used to teach is now teaching me so much.

I love you hermano!


  1. that's awesome, Amanda! i will be keeping Tyler in my prayers :)

    1. Thanks, Delphine! I was just thinking about you - Ty almost needed a place to crash in LA last night. :)


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