Your work is good

Dear working mom,
Your work is good. Your deadline-meeting, phone answering, email writing, blogging, diapering, dinner cooking, toilet cleaning -- it's all good. God in you is pushing back the chaos of a fallen world. He's mending hearts, growing minds, healing bodies -through you.

Your Maker says its good; that the long nights, exhaustion, body breaking, those days you feel you're dying inside - it's joining Him in the cross bearing.

I've spent many days sitting in a cubicle, my heart crying out to Him, longing for more meaning and a purpose. Finally He showed me -- it's not the kind of work you do that matters. It doesn't matter if you're a hand, ear, butt cheek, or femur. Be who I made you, and be it well. Live where I placed you, and live well. Die to yourself, squeeze every drop of joy out of the days, even the bone weary ones. Your work matters because I made you and I treasure you.

I think of how my toddler is learning to write his letters, and how heart-busting proud i am of his squiggly lines. Because he is mine, because he is growing and trying and enjoying his accomplishments. And how my Father rejoices over me too --even my most squiggly lines. Even when I throw down the pencil and cry, refusing to accept help - He overflows with love and grace toward me.

And when your body is drained and your spirit weary, remember his promise - He will be a soul-resting-place for you. You need not be anxious or worried. Pause, look up, give thanks, and rest in Him.

Are you a new-ish working mom? There's a place online for you - you are invited. Also, click over to read Anna's post on the value of our work today.


  1. Amanda, this is such an important message. And this encouragement is so needed for working moms. Thank you for sharing this important reminder for us all. =)

    1. Thanks, Jessica! I needed the reminder, too. :) Us working moms work so hard - it's so easy to lose focus and get discouraged when you're "in the trenches". But our battle is so important!

  2. I love this!!! And I am so happy that you used the words butt cheek. I so want to be a butt cheek for God! =)

    1. Hee hee! It felt funny to write, but I was thinking about the verse about how the "indecent parts" are treated with special honor. :) xoxo


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