A ladies-only invitation - in(RL) 2013

Anna was my Bible camp counselor the year before my senior year began. She wore a pink bandana and hugged and laughed and loved hard. Our cabin included myself, my two best friends, and a girl named Madeline, who had some special needs. I can't imagine that Anna signed up for her summer job expecting to help her campers with their basic hygeine needs -- but she did. The way Anna cared for Madeline that week showed me how to love like Jesus, without concern for my own comfort, without reserve. It was a tearful goodbye at the end of that week, and I still have the PowerPuff Girls puzzle piece Anna gave us, with a Bible verse inscribed on the back. I never expected to see Anna again.

Enter: (in)RL 2012. I started reading the (in)courage blog a few years ago, and was unreasonably excited when they announced their first "conference" last year. When I saw my friend Allison was hosting, I decided to sign up for our local event. As I scanned the profile pictures of the other ladies who had signed up, I saw a familiar face. I wrote in the comments - "I think Anna was my counselor at Bible camp!"

Going in to (in)RL 2012, I was incredibly nervous. I considered not attending, but decided to go anyway, praying, "God, just let me connect with at least one person." After walking in the door, Anna gave me a huge hug and we exclaimed over how amazing it was to see each other again. I assumed Anna and Allison would be busy with their hostess duties, and after quickly grabbing some food, walked toward someone else who appeared to be on her own. I'll admit -- it was awkward for awhile! But once the videos began and we settled in to our chairs, the laughter and tears bonded us together. We talked about our community, our churches, and our families. We exchanged Twitter handles and blog names. I left with a full heart.

And honestly? For me, the best part of (in)RL came after the event. It came when I started following the other ladies on Twitter and connected with them. It came when I brought Anna's family dinner after a surgery, and later started hanging out more often. It came when I heard about the invitation for (in)couragers, and just knew Anna and I would make an awesome team. And now, we encourage working moms together and our babies play together -- only God could orchestrate such a reunion!

I tell you all of this to say -- join us! (in)courage is hosting another (in)RL conference this April, and registration starts TODAY. Anna and I are excited to be hosting an event in the Twin Cities this year, and would love to have all of you Minnesota ladies come. Wherever you live there will be events that YOU can join (or, start your own - no matter the size). As the (in)RL trailer (below) says, "this is the conference that comes to you"!

This is a conference where you can be yourself. You can let your guard down. As Anna says in the trailer, "it's okay to not be fine". If you want to learn more about what community looks like, to connect with other ladies on a deeper level -- come.

Here are some details:
* Register starting today at www.inrl.us, then sign up for a meetup.
* It’s FREE!
* Everyone who registers today (1/14) gets a copy of the (in)courage 365 Daybrightener while supplies last (US residents only).
* Everyone gets a copy of (in)courage's first eBook: “Best of the Beach House 2012.”
* Think of it as a FREE girl’s weekend away that doesn’t require packing or plane tickets, where women can kick off any expectation of perfect, set aside their fears, their shyness, their worry that they’re not good enough, and find some of Jesus’ words of rest woven into every video.
* When: The (in)RL webcast kicks off on Friday, April 26 and (in)RL meetups follow on Saturday, April 27.
* What: Last year (in)courage explored the nitty gritty of community. This year they're taking a closer look at what it takes to stay rooted in community when sometimes just walking away would be so much easier and tons more convenient.


  1. Love your story and the way that God can work in such unexpected ways! All the best!

    1. Thanks, Becky! God is so good! Praying He will bless you and your group at (in)RL this year. It's going to be great!

  2. It's our inRL story!! I just love how God chose to work through us and Luther Dell and (in)courage. How humbling. Love you girl!!

    1. :) I love how God wove our story together! And I love you too! I have a feeling God is just getting started. :)

  3. Oh mylanta....love it!

    and am looking forward to meeting you at the 2013 #inRL ;)

    1. Isn't God amazing? I'm looking forward to meeting you too! It's going to be a blast!


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