Baby steps to strength

Usually, being strong isn't about the marathon running. It's about taking the next step, willing your body to keep going even when it wants to quit, or doesn't even want to start. At first I was intimidated by my one word this year - Strong. But part of being strong is giving myself permission to not be a marathon-runner right away. It's admitting that I am weak and need the will to get going. It's knowing what "muscles" need strengthening, and taking the next step.

I'm feeling the burn in my soul this week after taking several baby steps. I'm tempted to backslide already, but honestly? The burn feels good.

Baby steps to strength this week:
1. Prayed so much more
2. Started meal planning on Say Mmm... (and followed the plan!)
3. Made a long-delayed appointment
4. Took down Christmas decorations
5. Cut back on social media time a bit
6. Committed to memorizing Romans 1, 8, and 12 this year!
7. Memorized Romans 1:1-2
8. Cut back on caffiene intake a bit
9. Limited my purchases while clothes-shopping

How are your goals for the year coming along? What baby steps are you taking?

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