Working moms -- you're not alone

Welcome! Today is the launch of (in)courage's second session of (in)courager groups, and I'm excited to share the story of the working new moms group. To join, see instructions at the end!

Motherhood can be a lonely thing. Even if you have a sweet, understanding, helpful spouse, and the best friends in the world, it can be lonely. Sometimes only another mom can truly get the exhaustion, emotions, and challenges you face.

And sometimes, being a working mom can feel even lonelier. You may not have time for play dates, MOPS groups, or early childhood classes. You may only see other moms in passing, while picking up your child from day care, or church childcare. You may mostly hear other moms' stories on Facebook, and you may only hear the edited part of the story. Maybe you mostly see other moms in the pictures they post on their blogs or Instagram, and only see the filtered part of the story. You may feel like nobody understands your story.

Sweet working mom, you are not alone.

Oh, mamas -- I know. When I joined the forces of working moms, I was 21 and just over one year into marriage. Most of my friends were in college, dating, and had no way of understanding that part of my life. I'm grateful that they tried, that they stuck with me while I posted thousands of pictures of my boy on Facebook, while I talked about breastfeeding and cloth diapers and exhaustion. But it was still lonely. I'm grateful for the help and advice my mom and mother-in-law gave. But it was still lonely.

You are loved. You belong.

So on my lunch breaks and pumping breaks, I turned to mommy blogs. I found a place for my heart to be understood at O My Family, Passionate Homemaking, Keeper of the Home, and later on, at The Gypsy Mama and Girl with Blog. I found moms who were going through the same joys and pains, who had the same questions about how to diaper and feed our babies. I found grace and mercy.

Enter: (in)courage.
I started reading (in)courage a couple of years ago, and fell in love with their heart for encouraging women to become who Jesus wants them to be. When they invited women to start their own (in)courager groups and I saw working moms on the list, I felt butterflies in my heart and I knew -- other working moms also needed a space to belong. And my friend Anna knew too.

Our group for (in)couraging working new moms started in the Fall, as a Facebook group where moms could come to be understood. It became a group of friends; a group of women who pray, support, counsel, and love each other. Anna and I write blog posts weekly just for "our girls", and check in throughout the week to pray, encourage, and share with each other. More important than the activities we do -- I truly believe God is using this group to change our hearts; to help us embrace our calling as working moms.

This group is for those of you who wake before the sun, carry too many bags to work, and spend your break times pumping or dreaming of your baby. It's for you, strong mama - the one who is up to her ears in laundry and dishes, who doesn't know how in the world dinner is supposed to get made. It's for you, exhausted mom, for the days when you need a whole pot of coffee. We're here for you.

You are invited!

The second (in)courager session starts today, which means our group is open for YOU to join. Come on in, kick your shoes off and grab some ice cream. We're waiting with big hugs and lots of prayers for you!

If you're not a working mom, check out (in)courage's other groups -- there are ones for single gals, writers, military wives, ministry wives, married women, empty nesters, and many more! The formats vary by group, although many of the groups convene on Facebook.  


  1. Love this! So hard to find other Jesus-loving mommas who work full time.

    1. Thanks, Jackie! I agree, it's a challenge to connect with other Christian working moms! Are you interested in joining our Facebook group? Just click the link above to "come on in" -- we'd love to have you join! (We're almost full though, so don't wait!)

  2. I joined the group today! I am so thankful to find a group of working moms!

    1. So glad you joined us, Meg! I'm so excited for what God will do in this group. :) It's a powerful thing for women to feel understood!

  3. Love this post Amanda! This is exactly what working mamas need ... and exactly what I've found as I've been a part of this group. Can't wait to welcome more mamas into our family. Thank you for having a heart for us, and for following God's calling to lead this group!

    1. Thank you, Jessica! You have been such a blessing to me -- so grateful God brought you to our group. He knows just what we need!


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