On Sunday night remembrance

I sat in our comfy black leather recliner, munching on my fourth Oreo and watching The Walking Dead, wondering where the three-day weekend had gone. Thinking to myself, "did I put in that last load of laundry? Maybe I'll put away the clothes before bed. I should pack up my breakfast and the bottles. I should take a shower. I should've swept those floors. I should stop eating Oreos."

I'd remember all of the things I had (not) done during the weekend. I'd remember all of the things waiting for me at work the next morning. And I'd think of how much I'd miss my boys.

Sunday nights can be torture for working moms, if we let those worries and emotions take over. 

But God reminds us dwell on the good, pure, lovely things. He wants us to remember His faithfulness where we couldn't do, or be, enough. To know that our work is good, whether it's training our kids' hearts and playing outside, or writing words, or cleaning houses, because He made us to do good.

He wants to remind us how loved we are, aside from any unchecked to-do's or unfinished laundry (and aside from how many Oreos we put away ;)).

And so tonight I'm taking time to dwell on the snowman-making, the dance parties, and dinner with a good friend. I'm remembering lazy Sunday afternoons with the in-laws, and smelling my newborn nephew's head. I'm remembering to the point of tears that all my striving can't earn God's love, and that all of my anger, laziness, and selfishness have been covered and paid for by the blood of Jesus.

Weekend fun: making the most of snow in mid-April

Maybe it's time to redeem Sunday nights, to make them into a time to remember all that God has done -- not all that I haven't. Will you remember with me?

How has God shown Himself faithful to you this week?

{This post is part of a series for (in)couraging working new moms.}

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  1. I came across this post when I was scrolling through your blog earlier, and I love the idea of using Sunday nights to remember all that God has done instead of what we haven't done! My husband and I don't have children yet, but I still identify with all of the emotions, and I'm always hit with the most guilt of what I didn't accomplish on Sunday nights. Totally with you on turning this around and thinking about God's goodness and not my weakness. Thanks for sharing this!


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