Tips for New Mamas - Part 1

I was one of the first among my friends to get pregnant and have a baby, and so I have solicited lots of advice and done a lot of research throughout this journey. Some friends have asked for advice on various pregnancy/motherhood topics, and so I want to document what I have learned so that hopefully more friends can be blessed. I am still learning so much, but I have also learned some things along the way...

1. Babies don't need as much as you think they do. And even though you want to buy them all kinds of cute toys and clothes, you will eventually be trying to get rid of it all when they have outgrown them! Keep a long-term perspective when buying baby items.
2. Buy neutral. If you may have more babies in the future, try to buy at least the "big" items (stroller, car seats, carriers, etc.) in neutral colors so they can be re-used for future babies.
3. Most valuable purchases for us: BumGenius 3.0 diapers (24, doing laundry every other day), Ergo baby carrier (don't buy the infant insert though - it is worthless), Medela breastpump (Breastfeeding saves soo much money. Formula is expensive!!)
4. Don't be afraid to borrow or accept hand-me-down's! Ask your family members, friends, co-workers if they have old baby things they want to get rid of. Our crib, changing table, rocker, most baby clothes, and most toys were hand-me-down's from various people. Sure, you will get hand-me-down's that you don't like - but you can throw what you don't like, and keep the rest!
5. Garage sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops are great for maternity clothes, baby clothes, and toys. You can find like-new things, and pay a fraction of the price.
6. Don't be cheap on the important things, and on items that will be used frequently. It is worth it to make the investment up-front on car seats, strollers, diapers, breastpump, carriers, etc.
7. For maternity clothes, look through what is already in your closet - especially when you aren't too big yet. I found lots of shirts that were flowy enough or long enough to work until the 7th month! Also, a belly band is great - it basically looks like a tube top that fits around your waist, and allows you to wear normal jeans and pants unzipped for much of the pregnancy. Also, now that I'm not pregnant, I still shop to find clothes that will work normally or during prenancy. :)

Morning Sickness
1. Experiment to find out what works for you. It's a different experience for everyone!
2. For me, the thing that helped most was eating small meals/snacks frequently. If I let myself get hungry, I would usually get sick. Keep healthy snacks on hand - fruit, dried fruit, crackers, yogurt, hard boiled eggs...
3. Having some sort of protein in the morning helped. I got into the habit of eating a thing of yogurt every morning when I got to work, and I would feel so much better.
4. Rest!! If possible, take a nap. Let your husband take care of things around the house... or just let it go for awhile. :)
5. Extra Vitamin B seemed to help. This is available in popsicle/sucker/pill form.
6. Peppermint also helped, especially if I was just beginning to get nauseous. Peppermint tea, gum, mints, whatever!
7. Apparently ginger can help - I never tried it though.
8. I threw up a lot, so I always carried a ziploc bag in my purse - just in case!
9. Eat what sounds good. If nothing sounds good, eat something bland anyway.
10. Avoid smells that bother you. (duh!)

That's all for now! Please add your money or morning sickness tips if you have any!


  1. My money tip would be to borrow maternity clothes from friends who are about your same size :) Saves a ton of money!
    Another one would be to look on Craigslist for baby things. Things are way cheaper and you can find some nice deals.

    I am requesting a post about your experience and/or tips with Bumgenius diapers for part 2. :) :)

    Great post and very helpful information!

  2. Thanks, Carrie! :) Yes, I will definitely post about BumGenius. Good idea!

  3. i'm glad to have record of all this great advice...storing it away until i need it... :) love you!


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