An achingly beautiful, peaceful, wild, challenging Christmas

"Praise the LORD, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the LORD, my soul, and forget not all his benefits—” Psalm 103:1-2

It was an achingly beautiful, peaceful, wild, challenging Christmas. I guess Jesus' day of birth could've been described with some of the same adjectives. :) There were moments of quiet candle-lighting, prayer and scripture, and moments of stressful discipline, time-outs and deep breaths. We were so blessed to be able to give to those in need this year. Putting Jesus' great love into action is something I want to do every moment of my life, and especially at Christmas. I want to teach my family to give sacrificially, to love sacrificially, like God did for us. I hope your Christmas was more than just merry... I hope it was meaningful this year.

What love the Father has bestowed on us, that He should call us His children and give us good gifts at Christmas and always!

177. Sleeping in until 7:30!
178. Hearing J say "thank you God for making rocks"
179. A super-productive day at work
180. The generosity of our worship pastor, taking time to help me figure out my cello part for Christmas Eve
181. My sweet husband supporting me in playing cello
182. An extra day off of work to prepare for Christmas
183. My dad making it safely through his shoulder surgery
184. Rehearsal for Christmas Eve... losing myself in worship, kneeling with the worship team and dedicating the service to God's glory
185. Getting J up for the day and watching the squirrels climb & jump in our back yard
186. The way his little arms reach up to me from his crib... the way he says "time to get up, mommy!"
187. Snow falling softly on Christmas Eve morning
188. The Lamb of God who lifts off the sin of the world
189. Playing cello for three beautiful Christmas Eve services... hearing my pastor's words of Peace and letting them sink into my heart
190. A peaceful Christmas Eve dinner with the Prihoda's
191. Watching J interact with his baby cousin
192. Hearing about our family's "Jesus gifts"... sharing the love God was so much more wonderful than receiving more for ourselves
193. The incredible love of God that indwells me, upholds me, surrounds me
194. The joy of giving gifts to those I love
195. Hand-sewn gifts from my talented mother-in-law
196. One Thousand Gifts coming in the mail soon!! :)
197. Quietly lighting candles in the dark hours of Christmas morning
198. Snuggling with my family in bed on Christmas morning
199. The joy of watching my son play with his new toys... in his own little world
200. An ice cream maker from my sweet husband... one that's been on my wish list for most of 2010!
201. All of my grandparents there for Christmas
202. Being at my childhood home for Christmas
203. Such a sweet, encouraging, supportive family
204. My old bedroom... a refuge for my overwhelmed, overtired, sick son to eat dinner (a banana) on Christmas
205. A restful Sunday sabbath at home to wind down after a busy week
206. Seeing the Trans-Siberian Orchestra with friends - what a show! What adventures in the snow! :)
207. Looking forward to the lights and music and sights and fellowship there'll be in Heaven


  1. I love you too, sweetie! (Ooh, that's another good one! #209 = hearing J mimic you when you say "welcome home, sweetie".) :)


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