Praising my sweet Savior for His many gifts...

It's almost Christmas... it's a busy week... and there is SO MUCH to praise God for! Christmas for me is so much more than gifts and family and lights and the tree. It's about a God who humbled Himself, who came down to be born of a virgin, who lived and was tempted just like I am, but didn't sin. It's about a Savior who suffered and ached and bled with love for me. A Savior who hung in my place.

He is the perfect Gift... enjoy Him, revel in Him, live for Him this Christmas and always!

Praising my sweet Savior for His many gifts...

150. A productive, crazy week at work
151. Watching the efforts of the past year of work starting to come to fruition
152. A co-worker who shares her coffee maker :)
153. Remembering the waiting and longing and hand of God in Israel's past... all leading up to Jesus
154. Getting a T-Rex for my son at a White Elephant gift exchange
155. Making muffins with my son (even if it does take twice as long and make five times the mess!)
156. Fellowship and good food with EaganMoms
157. Lunch and good conversation with a friend... watching our kids play and talk and laugh... commiserating about the joys and challenges of motherhood
158. Catching up with my sweet sisters over lunch - watching my son interact with his aunties, catching up on all the usual things, the time always flying by
159. Safe driving and bus rides in the snow
160. Watching the MN Orchestra and a 300-person choir perform beautiful Christmas music
161. The way the Body of Christ is even more beautiful than the best orchestra
162. Spending time with my grandparents
163. My patient husband loving me despite my crankiness
164. Catching up with my brother
165. Delicious dinner at my childhood home... so many wonderful memories there
166. How my brain and fingers remember how to play cello, and the opportunity to play again
167. Eating the bread and the wine and remembering the Bread of Life who was born in Bethlehem, the House of Bread
168. The sweet words of my son... when I ask "Who is Jesus?" he says "Fights the bad guys". :)
169. Dreaming and planning with my husband... his grace and desire to bring me back when I start living life on my own
170. Time for a sanity break after J refused to nap
171. The way my Father never forgets me, even when I forget to give thanks and praise and honor to Him.
172. Hearing my son start to sing "Deep and Wide" in the car... so grateful for his Sunday school teachers. He does remember what you teach, dear ones. :)
173. Sweet Christmas cards in the mail
174. The way my son claps at the end of a worship song and says "Yay, Jesus!"
175. A seat on the bus during my 2.5-hour commute in a snowstorm... and making it home safely
176. God's perfect gift... His Son, a love offering, a Savior for all who will trust in Him

A merry, meaningful, worshipful Christmas to you!

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