For tea, and safety, and soft little hands...

It's been a hard week to give thanks, again; and maybe that's the point. Praising God when it's easy keeps me safe in my cocoon, but praising Him when it hurts stretches me, and makes room for Him. When I'm sick and exhausted, when it snows two feet, when I forget who I am... still He loves me, still He gives me good gifts. Praise Him with me in the storms of your life...

116. Marriages that last (even as my heart cries out for those that don't...)
117. Sweet young ladies holding a bake sale for Samaritan's Purse
118. An impromptu lunch with my mama
119. A friend safely getting to the hospital to deliver her baby son amidst a blizzard
120. A warm home, a refuge in the storm
121. Chai tea lattes and hot cocoa
122. A beautiful time of worship at youth group... Remembering to believe the words I sing.
123. A working snowblower and a husband who has the fortitide to plow after a long day of work
124. Eating soup and discussing a good book with my lovely small group girls
125. An unprompted "thank you making dinner mommy" :) (he's getting quite good at this!)
126. Sweet little hands showing me how they can be nice (after hitting me!) by stroking my cheek
127. Wonderful friends and becoming a part of old traditions
128. Extra time to sleep off this cold while being "snowed-in"
129. Making cookies with my boys; helping J push them down with a fork
130. An encouraging tweet from my sweet sister
131. Talking and dreaming with my husband about our future together :)
132. A seat to sit on on the bus
133. A friend at work sharing her last bit of cold medicine
134. Coffee to warm up on a frigid cold morning
135. God's sustaining joy and strength during a busy time at work
136. My Advent devotional, reminding me to remember
137. Pictures of my niece who was once so tiny and weak, sitting up on her own!
138. Basking in the sunshine as I walk through the skyway
139. Patience
140. Grace

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